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Patricia Roc (1918 - 2003)

She was as pretty as a Dresden shepherdess, and during the war came to represent the ideal of British womanhood: the sort of girl worth fighting for.

Felicia Herold was born in Hampstead into a wealthy family. After a finishing school in Paris she attended RADA. Her good looks soon got her noticed and, after a brief period on stage, she was taken up by Korda. It's possible she can be seen in The Divorce of Lady X, but her first proper role was as the pretty ingénue in The Rebel Son.

From then on there was a steady succession of nice young women to play. The big break came with Launder and Gilliat's Millions Like Us where she played an Everywoman figure whose romantic dreams of war service get shattered by the reality of factory work. This role took her to Gainsborough Studios just in time for the great melodrama cycle.

Her role in most of these is secondary to the lead actress whether Calvert or Lockwood. It's a measure of her unthreatening personality that the studio queens were happy to accept her - Calvert even plays her mother in Madonna of the Seven Moons. After a brief Hollywood loan-out, she got a lead of her own in The Brothers.

Her career cooled in the 50s. She moved to France with husband number two, cinematographer Andre Thomas, occasionally appearing in international productions. She returned to England after her husband's death in 1957, but retired to Switzerland on her third marriage in 1964. 

Photo of Patricia RocStill from Madonna of the Seven Moons


1938 The Divorce of Lady X
1938 Rebel Son
1938 The Gaunt Stranger
1939 The Mind of Mr. Reeder
1939 The Missing People
1939 A Window in London
1940 Dr. O'Dowd
1940 Pack Up Your Troubles
1940 Gentleman of Venture
1940 Three Silent Men
1941 The Farmer's Wife
1941 My Wife's Family
1942 Let the People Sing
1942 Suspected Person
1942 We'll Meet Again
1943 Millions Like Us
1944 Two Thousand Women
1944 Love Story
1944 Madonna of the Seven Moons
1945 Johnny Frenchman
1945 The Wicked Lady
1946 Canyon Passage (U.S.)
1947 The Brothers
1947 So Well Remembered
1947 Jassy
1947 Holiday Camp
1948 When the Bough Breaks
1948 One Night With You
1949 The Perfect Woman
1949 Retour a la Vie (Fr.)
1950 Fugitive From Montreal
1950 Man on the Eiffel Tower (US)
1951 Circle of Danger
1952 Captain Blackjack
1952 Something Money Can't Buy
1953 My Life is Yours
1954 Cartouche (It.)
1955 The Widow
1957 The Hypnotist
1957 The House in the Woods
1959 Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons

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