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Margaret Lockwood (1916 - 1990)

Her career as a star lasted the best part of twenty years and covered virtually every film genre and role. Yet now she is remembered for her brief period as costume drama villainess: British Cinema's Wicked Lady. 

Lockwood was born in Karachi (some say in 1911 rather than 1916 but what's five years between friends). When the family moved back to London, she went to the Italia Conti stage school and from there to RADA. She had walk-ons in stage productions, and like most pretty West End actresses got a bit-part in a movie (Lorna Doone). However when second lead Dorothy Hyson fell ill, Lockwood was promoted and got herself a long-term contract with British Lion.

There followed a succession of ingénue roles as she slowly worked her way up the ladder, transferring to Gainsborough Studios during the making of Dr Syn. It was at Gainsborough that her career really took off. She had two smash hits with the ensemble piece Bank Holiday and the Hitchcock thriller The Lady Vanishes. This latter got her a Hollywood contract but playing support to Shirley Temple wasn't her sort of thing so she came back.

By now she had established a persona as an attractive, confident, ordinary leading lady. It took The Man in Grey to change all that. She was thoroughly rotten to nice Phyllis Calvert, sleeping with Calvert's husband James Mason and driving her to her death and in turn being whipped to death by Mason. The critics hated it, but the audience knew better.

In 1945 and 1946 she was the number one box office star but from this point on her films took a nose-dive in quality. In 1952 she moved to Herbert Wilcox' production company to see if he could do to her career what he was doing to Anna Neagle's, but he was already struggling and her film career failed. 

She continued to work in the theatre and on TV, most notably in the series The Royalty (1957-58) and Justice (1971-74). She was married once to businessman Rupert Leon (1937-49). Her daughter Julia Lockwood made a few films in the late fifties. Her most prominent performance was as the teenage novelist in the comedy Please Turn Over.

Publicity photo of Margaret Lockwood in Dr SynOn the set of The Lady VanishesPoster for The Lady VanishesStill from Night Train to MunichMargaret Lockwood in AlibiMargaret Lockwood in AlibiPoster for Cardboard CavalierStill showing Margaret Lockwood in Highly Dangerous


1934 Lorna Doone
1935 The Case of Gabriel Perry
1935 Honours Easy
1935 Some Day
1935 Man of the Moment
1935 Midshipman Easy
1935 Jury's Evidence
1935 The Amateur Gentleman
1936 The Beloved Vagabond
1936 Irish for Luck
1937 The Street Singer
1937 Who's Your Lady Friend?
1937 Dr Syn
1937 Melody and Romance
1937 Owd Bob
1937 Bank Holiday
1938 The Lady Vanishes
1939 Rulers of the Sea (U.S.)
1939 Susannah of the Mounties (U.S.)
1939 A Girl Must Live
1939 The Stars Look Down
1940 Night Train to Munich
1940 The Girl in the News
1941 Quiet Wedding
1942 Alibi
1943 Dear Octopus
1943 The Man in Grey
1944 Give Us the Moon
1944 Love Story
1945 A Place of One's Own
1945 I'll Be Your Sweetheart
1945 The Wicked Lady
1946 Bedelia
1946 Hungry Hill
1947 Jassy
1947 The White Unicorn
1948 Look Before You Love
1948 The Cardboard Cavalier
1949 Madness of the Heart
1950 Highly Dangerous
1952 Trent's Last Case
1953 Laughing Anne
1954 Trouble in the Glen
1955 Cast a Dark Shadow
1976 The Slipper and the Rose

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