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Phyllis Calvert (1915 - 2002) 

If ever an actress had a typical career in British films, that actress was Phyllis Calvert. She started on stage then had a couple of bits in some undistinguished films. Some more stage work followed and then she played stooge to some popular comedians: Formby (Let George Do It), Askey (Charley's (Big-Hearted) Aunt) and Harker (Inspector Hornleigh Goes To It). As her career build-up continued she played nice-girl parts. Then came the golden period when she starred in some of Gainsborough's most popular fluff. After the war she made an undistinguished stab at a Hollywood career before returning to Britain to do dramatic serious stuff (though for every Mandy there were several dull turkeys like The Net). Thanks to that her career declined and she was soon off to the stage and also a highly successful television series (Kate).

As an actress she was competent and charming - she felt like the perfect hostess and it was always a pleasure to see her. She herself recognised that it was difficult to cast "nice" girls in interesting roles and spent most of her career fighting for nastier parts. She turned down the role in Two Thousand Women that was written for her (well, you can't get nicer than a nun) and instead took the part of the cynical journalist. She still managed to make her a nice journalist. Only in Mandy did she successfully play hard - battling with Terence Morgan over the future of their deaf daughter. 

Publicity photo from the 30sPublicity photo from the 40sStill from Madonna of the Seven MoonsStill from The Woman With No nameStill from Uncensored


1932 Discord
1933 Anne One Hundred
1939 Two Days to Live
1940 They Came By Night
1940 Let George Do It
1940 Charley's (Big-Hearted) Aunt
1940 Neutral Port
1941 Inspector Hornleigh Goes To It
1941 Kipps
1942 The Young Mr Pitt
1942 Uncensored
1943 The Man in Grey
1944 Fanny By Gaslight
1944 Two Thousand Women
1944 Madonna of the Seven Moons
1945 They Were Sisters
1946 Men of Two Worlds
1946 The Magic Bow
1947 The Root of All Evil
1947 Time Out of Mind (US)
1948 My Own True Love (US)
1948 Broken Journey
1949 The Golden Madonna
1949 Appointment with Danger (US)
1950 The Woman with No name
1951 Mr Denning Drives North
1952 Mandy
1953 The Net
1956 It's Never Too Late
1956 Child in the House
1958 Indiscreet
1958 A Lady Mislaid
1958 The Young and the Guilty
1960 Oscar Wilde
1965 Battle of the Villa Fiorita
1968 Twisted Nerve
1969 Oh! What a Lovely War
1970 The Walking Stick
1997 Mrs Dalloway

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