What's on this week or so


The Day Will Dawn (1942)

Journalist aids Norwegian freedom fighters in their struggle against the Nazis.

Popular flag-waver that's faded a bit, but still works if you're in the mood.

12.40 pm Film4 Wed 29 June

Laughter in Paradise (1951)

When an elderly prankster dies he leaves £50,000 to four of his relatives providing they perform some ridiculous tasks. Alastair Sim is the standout as the novelist who has to spend a month in jail, but still wants to keep the affections of his fiancée: judge's daughter Joyce Grenfell. It's a delightful comedy with wonderful moments and some nicely judged serious bits from Fay Compton as the domestic tyrant who has to become a maid.

12.10 pm Talking Pictures TV Thur 30 June

Pimpernel Smith (1941)

Leslie Howard (director, producer and star) updates The Scarlet Pimpernel for this tale of refugees fleeing from the Nazis. He's the absent-minded professor who's really running the escape operation. Entertaining with memorable moments particularly the climax in a foggy railway station.

2.25 pm Film4 Fri 1 July, 2.30 pm Film4 Thur 7 July

X the Unknown (1956)

Radioactive blobby thing roams the Scottish moors killing soldiers on a training exercise. The X is, of course, an attempt to cash in on the new X-certificate, and the film is better than it has a right to be. It manages to build up a great atmosphere of terror. 

6.10 pm Talking Pictures TV Sat 2 July, 3.00 pm Talking Pictures TV Mon 4 July

Carry On Spying (1964)

Barbara Windsor's first Carry On and she fits right in. It's a parody of James Bond and The Third Man and is one of the finest.

11.00 am Film4 Sun 3 July, 2.45 pm Film4 Fri 8 July

The Weaker Sex (1948)

Home Front drama with Ursula Jeans holding her family together through the war.

Sentimental but effective. 

01.00 am Film4 Tues 5 July

The Black Tent (1956)

Anthony Steele fathers a son in Libya during the North Africa campaign, but is killed. Brother Donald Sinden tries to find the boy and take him back to Britain.

2.25 pm Film4 Wed 6 July



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