What's on this week or so


Chase a Crooked Shadow (1957)

Ann Baxter is the unfortunate heiress who finds Richard Todd claiming to be her dead brother and her relatives all seem to back his story. Is there a plot to get her money or is she just paranoid? Despite the great location work it feels like a stage play adaptation but it isn't. Maybe that's just a function of the claustrophobic atmosphere. I won't give the ending away but it's well worth watching to find out.

Still from Chase a Crooked Shadow

7.46 pm Talking Pictures TV Fri 16 March

The Colditz Story (1954)

The story of the escape from the "impregnable" POW camp was a natural for the cinema. John Mills and Eric Portman head the cast in a fine, though now slightly clichéd, movie.

11.00 am Film4 Mon 19 March

Oh, Mr Porter! (1937)

Hapless railway worker is shipped off to Northern Ireland where he can do no harm, but he finds his fellow workers are even more useless than himself.

Peak Will Hay.

10.30 am Talking Pictures TV Thur 22 March

Carry On Regardless (1960)

The Helping Hands agency is run by Sid James. The agency will do anything for anyone. So Williams gets to walk the chimp and Hawtrey gets to enter the boxing ring. This is the most bitty of all the Carry Ons with no attempt at a plot. Still, if you don't like one sequence, there's always another along in a minute. It only falls apart at the end with a slapstick house decorating/wrecking scene.

4.30 pm Film4 Fri 23 March


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