What's on this week or so


Carry On Regardless (1960)

The Helping Hands agency is run by Sid James. The agency will do anything for anyone. So Williams gets to walk the chimp and Hawtrey gets to enter the boxing ring. This is the most bitty of all the Carry Ons with no attempt at a plot. Still, if you don't like one sequence, there's always another along in a minute. It only falls apart at the end with a slapstick house decorating/wrecking scene.

 1.10 pm Film4 Fri 23 June

Odette (1950)

Anna Neagle's another heroine, this time going underground in France against the Nazis. Not her best film but watchable and she gets to show that she's not as fragile as she looks.

8.05 am BBC2 Sat 24 June

Carry On Constable (1960)

Number four and Sid arrives and instantly takes charge. He's a police sergeant whose entire station is down with flu. So he has to take on some trainees: Connor, Hawtrey, Williams and Leslie Phillips. Cue mayhem.   

3.00 pm Film4 Sat 24 June

The Ladykillers (1955)

Classic Ealing comedy, but am I the only one who thinks it over-rated? Little old lady accidentally outwits a gang of thugs and ends up with the loot. Katie Johnson is the old lady and Alec Guinness (overplaying) is the leader of the gang. 

Poster for The Ladykillers

12.45 pm Film4 Tues 27 June


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