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Cast a Dark Shadow (1957)

A middle-aged woman marries a younger man - but he's already bumped off his first wife.

Gripping drama which provided Margaret Lockwood with her last great role.

10.20 am Talking Pictures TV Wed 17 April

Carry On Cowboy (1965)

Sid is the Rumpo Kid terrorising the town of Stodge City. When the townsfolk decide to hire someone to clean up the town they don't expect English plumber Jim Dale.

6.30 am ITV3 Sat 20 April

Carry On Screaming (1966)

"Frying tonight!", "Do you mind if I smoke?" and many other rotten gags fill this glorious spoof of the Hammer films by the Carry On team.

8.25 am ITV3 Sat 20 April

Carry On Follow that Camel (1967)

This Foreign Legion tale only got the Carry On label in order to drum up trade. It has most of the series regulars but stars Phil Silvers. 

10.20 am ITV3 Sat 20 April

Carry On - Don't Lose Your Head (1966)

Sid James is Sir Rodney Ffing, seemingly an English fop but actually he's The Black Fingernail, secretly rescuing aristos from Madam Le Guillotine and Kenneth Williams' Citizen Camembert. 

The Carry On team in their first film for Rank (hence the temporary loss of the Carry On prefix in the title) take on the French Revolution and come up smiling.

12.10 pm ITV3 Sat 20 April, 7.45 am ITV3 Sun 21 April

Carry On Up the Jungle (1970)

A parody of all those dreadful jungle epics. An expedition goes in search of a lost child brought up by apes. And who better to portray the rugged heroism and animal sexuality of the Tarzan-like figure than Terry Scott!

1.55 pm ITV3 Sat 20 April, 9.35 am ITV3 Sun 21 April

Carry On Up the Khyber (1968)

Probably the team's finest hour. When Charles Hawtrey gives the game away to Indian natives that the feared Devils in Skirts actually wear underwear, the British army's tenuous grip on India begins to loosen.

3.40 pm ITV3 Sat 20 April

Carry On Cruising (1962)

The first in colour, and Sid James is the captain of a cruise ship who desperately wants to get transferred to a better boat.  The regulars work well but Esma Cannon steals every scene she's in with some of the most outrageous overacting ever committed to celluloid.

6.00 am ITV3 Sun 21 April

Carry On Doctor (1968)

With virtually no plot to get in the way, this is a relentless collection of hospital gags and as such is utterly irresistible. Most of the regulars are here and newcomer Frankie Howerd fits right in. Highlights include Charles Hawtrey's phantom pregnancy and Dr Williams' forced operation. Classic stuff from the team.

11.20 am ITV3 Sun 21 April

Carry On Again Doctor (1969)

Jim Dale is the accident-prone doctor forced to work in a mission abroad. Sid James is the man who supplies him with a slimming cure with which to get rich. This is probably the best of the Carry On medical films and features Dale going down the stairs on the hospital trolley and Charles Hawtrey getting into drag as Lady Puddleton.

1.10 pm ITV3 Sun 21 April, 8.15 am ITV3 Mon 22 April

Carry On Loving (1970)

Sid and Hattie are the bickering couple who run a computer dating agency. More sexually harping than any other Carry On this still has its moments though none are particularly memorable.

2.55 pm ITV3 Sun 21 April, 10.05 am ITV3 Mon 22 April

Carry On Henry (1971)

With the Six Wives of Henry VIII a mega-hit on TV, it was only natural that the Carry On team would take on the Tudor monarch. And who better to play him than Sid!  

11.50 am ITV3 Mon 22 April

Carry On at Your Convenience (1971)

It's the one set in the toilet bowl factory so cue plenty of jokes about feeling flushed and going round the bend. It's also the one with Kenneth Cope as the stupid trades union official leading the workers out like sheep every time he's slighted or fancies a day off. Portraying your core audience as mindless followers isn't the best way to fill cinemas and this was the first big Carry On flop. However, it does have the Brighton sequence when the gang go off for a glorious works outing which sums up working class culture more effectively than Ken Loach's entire body of work.

1.40 pm ITV3 Mon 22 April

Carry On Matron (1972)

Not one of the best, but put the gang in a hospital setting and you can't really go wrong. Sid's a crook trying to nick the hospital's supply of contraceptive pills. Son Kenneth Cope has to drag up as a nurse to get in. Hattie Jacques gets the title role at last, but it's not worth having.

3.25 pm ITV3 Mon 22 April

Carry On Abroad (1972)

A package holiday to Spain is ruined when the hotel is only partly-built. This is the Carry On that divides fans and is either a last gasp of greatness or evidence of the series' decline depending on your fancy.

5.15 pm ITV3 Mon 22 April

Blanche Fury (1948)

Valerie Hobson is the titular governess in this melodrama that's as lurid as its Technicolor. Michael Gough is the wimpy single parent, Stewart Granger the family bastard. She marries the first but fancies the second. Naturally, it all ends badly for all involved.

This is total tosh but what a load of fun on the way!  The production design is stunning - the script less so, though it's entertaining spotting which bits of plot have been nicked from other films. 

Noon Talking Pictures TV Tues 23 April



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