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Kenneth More (1914 - 1982)

He's British Cinema's Mr Reliable: the sort of likable chap other chaps wanted to be in the 50s. He was far too normal to make an impact in films before the 50s and when the 60s started to swing his image was too old-fashioned, but at his peak, he was one of the biggest box office draws we produced.

More was born into a comfortable middle-class family but drifted through a variety of jobs until a family friend got him a job as stage-hand at the saucy Windmill Theatre. He soon took to the stage in the sketches that punctuated the nude tableaux. This gave him the confidence to try his hand at the legitimate stage. 

He was in the Navy during the war and, after he returned, he started to climb up the billing in West End productions. This lead in turn to small parts in films. By the time the 50s started he had carved out a niche for himself playing the hero's dependable best friend in several productions. 

The Group 3 picture Brandy for the Parson brought him his first notices, but it took the two smash hits Genevieve and Doctor in the House to make him a star. He was usually a genial light-comedian but he could also turn his hand to stiff-upper-lipped drama when necessary.

His career declined rapidly in the 60s. He put this down to divorcing in order to marry Angela Douglas, twenty-six years his junior. In truth, his sort of film image was dated and he was pushing fifty.

Television was exceptionally kind to him and he became a major star again with The Forsyte Saga. This lead to a lot of theatre work and some small cameos in mostly undistinguished films. He also portrayed Father Brown in a couple of TV series.

Publicity shot of Kenneth MorePoster of Reach for the SkyPoster of A Night to RememberKenneth More in Next to No TimeStill from Northwest Frontier


1935 Look Up and Laugh
1938 Windmill Revels
1938 Carry On London
1948 Scott of the Antarctic
1949 Man on the Run
1949 Now Barabbas
1949 Stop Press Girl
1950 Morning Departure
1950 Clouded Yellow
1950 The Franchise Affair
1951 No Highway
1951 Appointment With Venus
1952 Brandy for the Parson
1952 The Yellow Balloon
1953 Never Let Me Go
1953 Genevieve
1953 Our Girl Friday
1954 Doctor in the House
1954 Raising a Riot
1955 The Deep Blue Sea
1956 Reach for the Sky
1957 The Admirable Crichton
1958 A Night to Remember
1958 Next to No Time
1958 The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw
1959 The Thirty-Nine Steps
1959 Northwest Frontier
1960 Sink the Bismarck
1960 Man in the Moon
1961 The Greengage Summer
1962 The Longest Day
1962 Some People
1962 We Joined the Navy
1963 The Comedy Man
1967 The Mercenaries
1969 Oh What a Lovely War
1969 Fraulein Doktor
1969 Battle of Britain
1970 Scrooge
1976 Where Time Began
1976 The Slipper and the Rose
1978 Leopard in the Snow
1979 The Spaceman and King Arthur
1981 A Tale of Two Cities

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