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Richard Wattis (1912 - 1975)

Richard Wattis was one of the most familiar faces in 50s cinema. With his beanpole figure, owlish features and fussy mannerisms, Wattis was first choice whenever the script called for an officious civil servant or a snooty neighbour. Despite his annoying screen persona, audiences loved him. 

He was born in Staffordshire and got his first professional work with Croydon Rep in 1934. His acting career grew steadily through the 30s, and he was just starting to break into films when the war interrupted. He joined the Royal Army Medical Corp for the duration.

He resumed his career after the war. He got back into filming towards the end of the decade and suddenly he was in demand, for films, TV and stage work. The 50s were an incredibly busy period for him and this success was carried over through the 60s. It's alleged that he was unhappy with the state of his career, wanting more dramatic roles, and he left the sitcom Sykes for a period anxious not to be typecast in comic roles.

He died suddenly in a restaurant in the middle of his favourite meal. 

Filmography as actor

1938 A Yank at Oxford
1949 Kind Hearts and Coronets
1949 The Chiltern Hundreds
1950 The Happiest Days of Your Life
1950 Your Witness
1951 Clouded Yellow
1951 Appointment with Venus
1951 Lady Godiva Rides Again
1952 Colonel March Investigates
1952 Mother Riley Meets the Vampire
1952 Made in Heaven
1952 Appointment in London
1952 The Happy Family
1952 Derby Day
1952 Stolen Face
1952 Penny Princess
1952 The Importance of Being Earnest
1952 Top Secret
1953 Small Town Story
1953 Background
1953 The Final Test
1953 Top of the Form
1953 Innocents in Paris
1953 Park Plaza 605
1953 Blood Orange
1954 Crowded Day
1954 The Intruder
1954 Doctor in the House
1954 Hobson's Choice
1954 The Belles of St Trinian's
1954 Lease of Life
1955 See How They Run
1955 Simon and Laura
1955 A Yank in Ermine
1955 The Colditz Story
1955 As Long As They're Happy
1955 An Alligator named Daisy
1956 The Green Man
1956 Eyewitness
1956 Jumping for Joy
1956 The Man Who Never Was
1956 It's a Wonderful World
1956 The Silken Affair
1956 Around the World in Eighty Days
1956 A Touch of the Sun
1956 The Iron Petticoat
1957 Second Fiddle
1957 Blue Murder at St Trinian's
1957 The Prince and the Showgirl
1957 The Abominable Snowman
1957 High Flight
1957 Barnacle Bill
1958 Inn of the Seventh Happiness
1959 Follow a Star
1959 Left, Right and Centre
1959 The Captain's Table
1959 Ten Seconds to Hell
1959 The Ugly Duckling
1959 Libel
1960 Follow That Horse!
1960 Your Money or Your Life
1961 Dentist on the Job
1961 Nearly a Nasty Accident
1961 Very Important Person
1962 Play it Cool
1962 Bon Voyage
1962 I Thank a Fool
1962 The Longest Day
1962 Venus Fra Vesto
1963 Come Fly With Me
1962 The VIPs
1962 Carry On Spying
1965 The Bargain
1965 Up Jumped a Swagman
1965 Operation Crossbow
1965 The Battle of the Villa Fiorita
1965 The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders
1965 You Must Be Joking
1965 Bunny Lake is Missing
1965 The Liquidator
1965 The Alphabet Murders
1966 The Great St Trinian's Train Robbery
1967 The Troublesome Double
1967 Casino Royale
1968 Wonderwall
1968 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
1969 Monte Carlo or Bust
1970 Egghead's Robot
1970 Games that Lovers Play
1970 Tam Lin
1972 Sex and the Other Woman
1972 That's Your Funeral
1973 Take Me High
1974 Confessions of a Window Cleaner

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