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Griffith Jones (1909 - 2007)

In his long career, Griffith Jones carved out a niche for himself in cinema as a dependable support to some of the biggest female stars in Britain. He did, however, give a few performances which showed he was capable of a lot more.

Jones was the son of a London milkman. He won a scholarship to study law at UCL, but after the first year switched to studying acting at nearby RADA. He was a gold medallist there which kick started his career and he appeared in the West End the same year he graduated. He also began his film career.

The big hit of Escape Me Never starring Elizabeth Bergner took him to Broadway, and he also filmed the play. War interrupted the smooth path of his career, though he spent most of his time in the services in the concert party Stars in Battle Dress. When he returned to film there were plenty of light support roles available to him (The Wicked Lady, Miranda) but he also managed a few more unusual roles notably the vicious spiv in They Made Me a Fugitive.

His career survived the angry young men era, though the film work dried up. In 1975 he joined the RSC and remained there for the next twenty five years taking a variety of roles. Among the major productions he appeared in were the '77 Macbeth and Nicholas Nickleby. He finally retired aged ninety.

Photo of Griffith Jones


1932 Money Talks
1932 The Faithful Heart
1934 Catherine the Great
1934 Leave it to Blanche
1935 Escape Me Never
1935 First a Girl
1935 Line Engaged
1937 The Mill on the Floss
1937 The Wife of General Ling
1937 Return of a Stranger
1938 A Yank at Oxford
1939 The Four Just Men
1940 Young Man's Fancy
1941 Atlantic Ferry
1942 This Was Paris
1942 The Day Will Dawn
1942 Uncensored
1944 Henry V
1945 The Wicked Lady
1945 The Rake's Progress
1947 They Made Me a Fugitive
1948 Miranda
1948 Good Time Girl
1948 Look Before You Love
1949 Once Upon a Time
1950 Honeymoon Deferred
1954 Star of My Night
1954 Scarlet Web
1954 The Sea Shall Not Have Them
1957 Face in the Night
1957 Account Rendered
1957 The Truth About Women
1957 Not Wanted on Voyage
1957 Kill Her Gently
1959 Hidden Homicide
1959 The Crowning Touch
1968 Decline and Fall

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