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Claude Hulbert (1900 - 1964)

Claude Noel Hulbert was born on Christmas Day 1900, the son of a doctor. He followed his older brother Jack to Cambridge where he became a prominent member of the Cambridge Footlight but didn't take a degree. He made his professional debut in 1920 and joined his sister-in-law Cicely Courtneidge on the halls.

He had a hit with the Gershwin musical Primrose in 1924 and spent the rest of the decade in musical comedy. 1924 was also the year in which he married his wife Enid Trevor. Hulbert scored one of his greatest successes in R.K.O. Loudspeakers in 1931 though he largely abandoned the stage in the 30s to concentrate on his film and broadcasting career.

The decade was a productive one. His brand of silly-ass comedy was much in demand and, though not an original cast member, he fitted right into the Aldwych farces A Night Like This and Thark. His best-remembered work however came in the 40s when he teamed up with Will Hay for The Ghost of St Michael's and My Learned Friend.

As the film career began to fade, Hulbert resumed his stage work, scoring notable hits in the Hulbert Follies and Panama Hattie. He died in Sydney in the middle of a world cruise taken for the sake of his health.

Claude Hulbert had a face for comedy - long, wide eyed, and jug eared. That coupled with his sweet demeanour made him the king of the posh idiots.


1928 Champagne
1930 Naughty Husbands
1932 Let Me Explain, Dear
1932 A Night Like This
1932 Thark
1932 The Mayor's Nest
1932 The Face at the Window
1933 The Song You Gave Me
1933 Their Night Out
1933 Radio Parade
1933 Heads We Go
1934 Love at Second Sight
1934 Lilies in the field
1934 The Girl in Possession
1934 A Cup of Kindness
1934 Big Business
1935 Bulldog Jack
1935 Hello, Sweetheart
1935 Man of the Moment
1936 The Interrupted Honeymoon
1936 Wolf's Clothing
1936 Where's Sally?
1936 Hail and Farewell
1937 Take a Chance
1937 The Vulture
1937 It's Not Cricket
1937 You Live and Learn
1938 His Lordship Regrets
1938 The Viper
1938 Simply Terrific
1938 It's in the Blood
1938 Many Tanks, Mr Atkins
1940 Olympic Honeymoon
1941 The Ghost of St Michael's
1943 The Dummy Talks
1943 My Learned Friend
1946 London Town
1947 The Ghosts of Berkley Square
1948 Under Frozen Falls
1949 The Cardboard Cavalier
1949 Alice in Wonderland
1956 Fun at St Fanny's
1960 Not a Hope in Hell

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