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Anton Walbrook (1900 - 67)

He never lost his accent. He never lost his Teutonic personality. But even through the war, Anton Walbrook was Britain's favourite German.

He was born Adolf Wohlbrűck in Vienna into a circus family. He chose not to follow the family tradition and instead studied at the Max Reinhardt school then went into the legitimate theatre. He had a few bit parts in silent films but when the talkies came in theatrically trained actors were in great demand and he took cinema more seriously. He quickly rose to the front rank of leading men and got Hollywood's attention. 

His stay there was brief. He remade one of his hits, Michel Strogoff, as The Soldier and the Lady for RKO which changed his name to the form we are familiar with. He hated Hollywood and was soon back in Europe. However, with the Nazis taking over German film studios he chose to settle in Britain.

Herbert Wilcox cast him as Prince Albert in his biopic of Queen Victoria. This was a smash hit and established him as a major star in British cinema. He was notoriously picky about which films to do, and refused point-blank to take any Nasty Nazi roles. This pickiness paid off and he made as good a crop of movies as anyone in British cinema.

He took British citizenship in 1947 and in the 50s turned increasingly to Europe for work. He died in Munich.


1922 Mater Dolorosa
1925 Der Fluch der Bosen Tat
1931 Salto Mortale
1931 Der Stolz der Drei Kompanie
1932 Drei von der Tankstelle
1932 Die Funf Verfluchten Gentlemen
1932 Melodie der Liebe
1932 Baby
1933 Walzerkrieg
1933 Viktor und Victoria/George et Georgette
1933 Keine Angst vor Liebe
1934 Die Vertauschte Braut
1934 Maskerade
1934 Die Englische Heirat
1934 Eine Frau die Weiss Was Sie Will
1935 Regine
1935 Zigeunerbaron
1935 Ich War Jack Mortimer
1935 Der Student von Prag
1936 Michel Strogoff
1936 Allotria
1936 Port-Arthur
1937 The Soldier and the Lady
1937 Victoria the Great
1937 The Rat
1938 Sixty Glorious Years
1940 Gaslight
1941 Dangerous Moonlight
1941 49th Parallel
1943 The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
1945 The Man from Morocco
1948 The Red Shoes
1949 Queen of Spades
1950 La Ronde
1951 Wien Tantz
1954 L'Affaire Maurizius
1955 Oh... Rosalinda!!
1955 Lola Montez
1956 Koning fur eine Nacht
1957 Saint Joan
1958 I Accuse

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