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Linden Travers (1913 - 2001)

Linden Travers was born Florence Lindon-Travers in Houghton-le-Spring, County Durham. She had an interest in acting from an early age and began her professional career in rep at Newcastle. She first appeared in the West End in 1934 in Ivor Novello's Murder in Mayfair, and the film producers came around as they did for so many West End actors.

Her first appearances were unsubstantial - just pretty fluff in the background -  followed by a couple of featured ingénue roles. It was her role in Brief Ecstasy as a woman married to a much older man struggling with her attraction to a man of her own age that got her noticed by the critics. Here was someone capable of portraying a grown-up sexuality - something of a rarity in 30s British cinema.

For a period she was typecast as mistresses, notably in The Lady Vanishes, but she soon settled down to playing the good-looking stooge to the likes of Formby, Hay and Askey. It was her stage work that rescued her from this groove, notably the big success she scored in No Orchids for Miss Blandish in 1942.

 The film version of No Orchids for Miss Blandish appeared in 1948 and should have made her a big star. It was hugely controversial in its day. Travers played an heiress who is kidnapped by a Chicago gangster and finds herself falling in love with him. Despite the moral outrage the film provoked - and the dodgy American accents of much of the cast - the film was a massive hit.

Sadly, Miss Blandish was followed by two big-budget stinkers and that was just about the end for Travers' career. The flops coincided with her second marriage in 1948 and she effectively retired. She retrained as a psychotherapist and also painted.

Her brother Bill Travers and niece Penelope Wilton are also prominent actors. 

Linden Travers on Pressbook for Master of BankdamLinden Travers on pressbook for The Bad Lord Byron


1935 Children of the Fog
1936 Wednesday's Luck
1937 Double Alibi
1937 London Melody
1937 Against the Tide
1937 Brief Ecstasy
1937 The Last Adventurers
1938 Bank Holiday
1938 The Terror
1938 The Lady Vanishes
1938 Almost a Honeymoon
1939 Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday
1940 The Stars Look Down
1941 The Ghost Train
1941 South American George
1942 The Seventh Survivor
1942 The Missing Million
1942 Beware of Pity
1947 Jassy
1947 Master of Bankdam
1948 No Orchids for Miss Blandish
1948 Quartet
1949 The Bad Lord Byron
1949 Christopher Columbus
1949 Don't Ever Leave Me

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