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Joan Sims (1930 - 2001)

With 20 Carry On films and 5 Doctor films to her name, Joan Sims occupies a central role in British comedy. Though she rarely attempted dramatic roles, within the comedy genre her range was great.

She was the daughter of a station master and grew up entertaining the passengers for small change. She did poorly at school and struggled to get into RADA. After graduating from there she did the usual round of rep before working up to the West End.

She made her screen debut early in her career and spent the rest of the fifties mainly playing nurses and maids. Her "nurse" experience made her a natural for the second Carry On film: Carry On Nurse

To begin with she played "sensible tottie" roles but gradually her roles expanded to include a gallery of frustrated and/or nagging wives. She became an essential ingredient in the Carry On formula. 

Unlike many of her colleagues, she did little TV during the height of the Carry On success, preferring to concentrate on radio and revue. Therefore when the series faded she disappeared from view for several years. Depression and a drink problem kept her off screen though in the 90s, despite ill-health, she recovered recovered sufficiently to play supporting roles in several undistinguished sitcoms. 


1952 Colonel March Investigates
1952 Will Any Gentlemen
1953 Trouble in Store
1953 The Square Ring
1953 Meet Mr Lucifer
1954 The Belles of St Trinian's
1954 Doctor in the House
1954 What Every Woman Wants
1954 To Dorothy a Son
1954 The Sea Shall Not Have Them
1955 As Long as They're Happy
1955 Doctor at Sea
1956 Stars in Their Eyes
1956 The Silken Affair
1956 Dry Rot
1956 Keep it Clean
1956 Off the Record
1956 Lost
1957 No Time for Tears
1957 Davy
1957 Carry on Admiral
1958 The Naked Truth
1958 Just My Luck
1958 The Captain's Table
1958 Passport to Shame
1959 Life in Emergency Ward 10
1959 Carry On Nurse
1959 Carry On Teacher
1959 Please Turn Over
1959 Upstairs and Downstairs
1960 Watch Your Stern
1960 Carry on Constable
1960 Doctor in Love
1961 Carry on Regardless
1961 His and Hers
1961 Mr Topaze
1962 Twice round the Daffodils
1962 A Pair of Briefs
1962 The Iron Maiden
1963 Nurse on Wheels
1964 Strictly for the Birds
1964 Carry on Cleo
1965 The Big Job
1965 San Ferry Ann
1965 Carry on Cowboy
1965 Doctor in Clover
1966 Carry on Screaming
1967 Carry on... Don't Lose Your Head
1967 Carry on ... Follow That Camel
1967 Till Death Us Do Part
1968 Carry on Up the Khyber
1968 Carry on Doctor
1969 Carry on Again Doctor
1970 Carry on Up the Jungle
1970 Carry on Loving
1970 Doctor in Trouble
1971 Carry on Henry
1971 The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins
1971 Carry On at Your Convenience
1972 Carry On Matron
1972 Carry On Abroad
1972 Not Now Darling
1972 The Alf Garnett Saga
1973 Don't Just Lie There
1973 Carry On Girls
1974 Carry On Dick
1975 Carry On Behind
1975 One of Our Dinosaurs in Missing
1976 Carry On England
1990 The Fool

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