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Robertson Hare (1891 - 1979)

Every farce should have one: the short, bald, fussy man who's henpecked at home and patronised at work. Robertson Hare was that man.

He was born in London within the sound of Bow Bells. His father was a manager at The Daily Telegraph, but Hare showed no aptitude for the newspaper business and started work as a clerk in a woodpulp business. He persuaded his father to pay for elocution lessons and from there entered the London Academy of Dramatic Arts. Among his contemporaries was Leslie Henson who quickly went on to success. Things took a little longer for Hare and his first job was an extra in John Martin Harvey's production of Oedipus Rex.

By the time the war came Hare was married and touring the country. He drove lorries during the war. Afterwards he could only get work as a stage manager until he got a small part in the West End with Leslie Henson. Tons of Money opened in 1922 at the Shaftesbury. It was a hit and after a few months the production moved to the Aldwych. This became the first of the Aldwych farces and Hare was soon established as an essential part of the team. In all, he stayed at the Aldwych for over eleven years.

When talkies came in it was natural that the farces were filmed and, beginning with Rookery Nook, most of them made it to the screen along with Hare. Though the Aldwych was finished with farces, the West End still had an appetite for them and there was a constant demand for Hare's talents. He continued successfully in films too, and towards the end of his career even scored a hit on television with the clerical sitcom All Gas and Gaiters.

Still from It's A Boy featuring Robertson Hare


1930 Rookery Nook
1930 On Approval
1930 Tons of Money
1931 On a Night Like This
1931 Plunder
1932 Thark
1933 It's a Boy
1933 Just My Luck
1933 A Cuckoo in the Nest
1933 Friday the Thirteenth
1933 Turkey Time
1934 Dirty Work
1934 Are You a Mason?
1935 Fighting Stock
1935 Oh, Daddy!
1935 Car of Dreams
1935 Foreign Affairs
1935 Stormy Weather
1936 Pot Luck
1936 Jack of All Trades
1936 You Must Get Married
1937 O.H.M.S.
1937 Aren't Men Beasts!
1938 A Spot of Bother
1940 So This is London
1942 Banana Ridge
1943 Women Aren't Angels
1944 He Snoops to Conquer
1947 Things Happen at Night
1951 One Wild Oat
1951 The Magic Box
1953 Our Girl Friday
1956 My Wife's Family
1956 Three Men in a Boat
1961 The Night We Go the Bird
1961 Seven Keys
1961 Out of the Shadow
1961 The Young Ones
1962 Crooks Anonymous
1966 Hotel Paradiso
1968 Salt and Pepper
1972 Raising the Roof

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