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John Gregson (1919 - 1975)

John Gregson represented the sort of man 50s cinema loved: steady, reliable and safe. A middle-class Everyman who could be trusted to play the game with a straight bat.

He was born in Liverpool and didn't start professional acting until after the war when he joined the Liverpool Old Vic. He moved to London for stage work and was soon taking bit parts in films and signed up to Rank. He made steady progress up the career ladder until Genevieve made him a proper box office star.

He was perfect for the decade's dominant two genres: the light comedy and the war film. Therefore Rank kept him busy, though the films he made were undemanding fare. His film career was virtually over by the time the sixties started to swing, but he moved successfully into TV with the series Gideon's Way and co-starred with Shirley Maclaine in the sitcom Shirley's World.

John Gregson in Angels One FivePoster for JacquelineJohn Gregson in The Captain's Table


1948 Saraband for Dead Lovers
1948 London Belongs to Me
1948 Scott of the Antarctic
1949 Whisky Galore!
1949 Train of Events
1950 Treasure Island
1950 Cairo Road
1951 The Lavender Hill Mob
1952 The Brave Don't Cry
1952 Venetian Bird
1952 The Holly and the Ivy
1953 The Weak and the Wicked
1953 Genevieve
1953 The Titfield Thunderbolt
1953 Angels One Five
1954 The Crowded Day
1954 To Dorothy, a Son
1954 Conflict of Wings
1955 value for Money
1955 Three Cases of Murder
1955 Above Us the Waves
1956 Jacqueline
1956 True as a Turtle
1956 The Battle of the River Plate
1957 Miracle in Soho
1958 Sea of Sand
1958 Rooney
1959 Flight from Treason
1959 The Captain's Table
1959 SOS Pacific
1960 Hand in Hand
1960 Faces in the Dark
1961 The Frightened City
1961 The Treasure of Monte Cristo
1962 Live Now - Pay Later
1962 The Longest Day
1964 Tomorrow at Ten
1967 The Night of the Generals
1971 Fright

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