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Jane Baxter (1909 - 1996)

In Hollywood's Golden Age there were many candidates for the title Queen of the B's: Evelyn Ankers, Ann Southern, Glenda Farrell to name a few. These were the ladies who toiled away in supporting pictures, rarely getting a chance to appear in an A movie. There are fewer candidates for a British Queen, but one of the most memorable of those whose work was largely quota was Jane Baxter.

Since Jane Baxter occupied a lowly place in the celebrity hierarchy, the details of her life are sketchy. She was born in Germany to an English father and a half-English mother. following the father's death the family returned to England. She was on stage by 1925 and made her first film in 1930. Her first husband, the racing driver Clive Dunfee, died in a crash in 1932.

Her work in British films got her noticed by Hollywood. Like so many of her contemporaries, she went over there, did a couple of films, didn't like it and came back. And like so many of her contemporaries, she preferred the stage to the studio. Her film career petered out, but she kept working in the theatre.

There were many nice, posh girls in 30s cinema – far too many for most people's taste – but Jane Baxter was one of the best. She was sparky, fun and gracious: a pleasure to spend time with.  

Jane Baxter in The Constant NymphJane Baxter in costume for The Night of the Party


1930 Bedrock
1930 Bed and Breakfast
1931 Down River
1932 Two White Arms
1932 Flat No. 9
1933 The Constant Nymph
1934 Girls Please!
1934 The Double Event
1934 The Clairvoyant
1934 Blossom Time
1934 We Live Again (US)
1935 Enchanted April (US)
1935 Royal Cavalcade
1935 The Night of the Party
1935 Line Engaged
1935 Drake of England
1936 The Man Behind the Mask
1936 Dusty Ermine
1938 The Ware Case
1938 Second Best Bed
1940 Murder Will Out
1940 The Chinese Bungalow
1940 Confidential Lady
1940 The Middle Watch
1940 The Briggs Family
1942 Ships With Wings
1943 The Flemish Farm
1952 Death of an Angel
1952 All Hallowe'en