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Leslie Banks (1890 - 1952)

Leslie Banks was born in West Derby, Liverpool. He studied classics at Oxford but after college went straight into theatre. His first appearance was with Frank Benson's company in 1911. In 1914 he went to America for a tour, though was back in Britain in time for WWI. He spent the next four years with the Essex Regiment and suffered a facial injury which stayed with him throughout his life.

He resumed his acting career after the war, first in rep then at the Everyman, Hampstead. Throughout the next few years he built up a reputation as a reliable lead and visited America several times. His film break was as the villain in RKO's The Most Dangerous Game. This full-blooded action horror was a popular success and has remained a cult classic. Despite making a hit in Hollywood the rest of his film career was spent in the UK.

His film career continued in parallel with his stage career. Saunders of the River made him a bona fide star though this tale of colonial life doesn't play so well these days. He toured extensively during the war and was made a CBE in 1950 shortly before ill-health curtailed his career. 

Leslie Banks in The Fireraisers     


1932 The Most Dangerous Game (U.S.)
1933 Strange Evidence
1933 I Am Suzanne
1934 The Fire Raisers
1934 Red Ensign
1934 The Man Who Knew Too Much
1935 Saunders of the River
1935 The Night of the Party
1935 The Tunnel
1936 Debt of Honour
1936 Three Maxims
1937 Wings of the Morning
1937 Fire Over England
1937 Farewell Again
1939 Jamaica Inn
1939 The Arsenal Stadium Mystery
1939 Sons of the Sea
1940 21 Days
1040 Dead Men's Shoes
1940 Busman's Honeymoon
1940 The Door With Seven Locks
1940 Neutral Port
1941 Cottage to Let
1942 Ships with Wings
1942 The Big Blockade
1942 Went the Day Well?
1944 Henry V
1947 Mrs Fitzherbert
1949 The Small Back Room
1950 Your Witness
1950 Madeleine

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