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Reviews of British films made between 1930-1959.

Eastern Valley (1937)

Easy Money (1948)

Easy Virtue (1927)

The Edge of the World (1937)Fuller review

Eight O'Clock Walk (1953)

Elephant Boy (1937)

Elstree Calling (1930)

The Elusive Pimpernel (1950)

Emergency Call (1952)

Encore (1951)

The End of the Affair (1955)

English Without Tears (1944)

Escape (1930)

Escape Me Never (1935)Fuller review

Esther Waters (1948)Fuller review

Eureka Stockade (1948)

Evensong (1934)fuller review

Evergreen (1934)

Everything is Rhythm (1936)Fuller Review

Expresso Bongo (1959)

Eyewitness (1956)Fuller Review

The Face at the Window (1939)

The Fairy of the Phone (1936)

The Fallen Idol (1948)

Fame is the Spur (1947)

Family Portrait (1950)

Fanny by Gaslight (1944)

Farewell Again (1937) Fuller Review

Farewell Topsails (1937)

The Farmer's Wife (1928)

Father Brown (1954)

Feather Your Nest (1937)

The Feminine Touch (1956)

Ferry to Hong Kong (1958)

Fiddlers Three (1944)

Fiend without a Face (1958)

Fighting Mad (1956)

Final Appointment (1954)

The Final Test (1953)

Fire Down Below (1957)

A Fire Has Been Arranged (1935)

Fire Maidens from Outer Space (1956)

Fire Over England (1936)

The Fire Raisers (1933)

Fires Were Started (1943)

First a Girl (1935)

The First Born (1928)

The First of the Few (1942)

The Flemish Farm (1943)

The Flesh and the Fiends (1959)

Flood Tide (1934)

Floods of Fear (1958)Fuller Review

Flying Fifty-Five (1939)

The Flying Scot (1957)Fuller Review

The Flying Scotsman (1929)Fuller Review

The Flying Squad (1940)

Follow a Star (1959)

Folly to be Wise (1952)

Footsteps in the Fog (1955)

For Better, for Worse (1954)

For Ever England (1935)Fuller Review

Forbidden (1948)

Forbidden Cargo (1954)

Forbidden Territory (1934)

The Foreman Went To France (1942)

Forget-Me-Not (1936)

49th Parallel (1941)

Four Days (1951)

The Four Feathers (1939)

Four Sided Triangle (1952)Fuller Review

Frail Women (1931)

The Franchise Affair (1950)

Freedom of the Seas (1934)

Freedom Radio (1941)

Friday the Thirteenth (1933)Fuller Review

Frieda (1947)

Friends and Neighbours (1959)

The Frightened Man (1951)

The Frog (1937) 

Front Page Story (1953)

Fun at St Fanny's (1956) Fuller Review

Further Up the Creek (1958)

Gaiety George (1946)

A Game for Two (1921)

The Gamma People (1955) Fuller Review

Gasbags (1940)

Gaslight (1940)

The Gaunt Stranger (1938)

Gelignite Gang (1956)Fuller Review

Genevieve (1953)

The Gentle Doctor (1921)

The Gentle Gunman (1952)Fuller Review

The Gentle Sex (1943)

Geordie (1955)

Gert and Daisy's Weekend (1941) Fuller Review

The Ghost Camera (1933)Fuller Review

The Ghost Goes West (1935)

The Ghost of St Michael's (1941)

Ghost Ship (1952)

The Ghost Train (1941)

The Ghosts of Berkley Square (1947)

The Ghoul (1933)Fuller Review

Gideon's Day (1959)

Gideon of Scotland Yard (1959)

The Gift Horse (1952)

Girdle of Gold (1952)

The Girl in the News (1941)

The Girl in the Picture (1956)

A Girl Must Live (1939) Fuller Review

Give Her a Ring (1934)

Give Us the Moon (1944)

The Glass Mountain (1948)

Going Gay (1933)

The Golden Disc (1957)

The Golden Salamander (1949)

Gone to Earth (1950)

The Good Companions (1933)Fuller review

The Good Companions (1956)

The Good Die Young (1954)

Good Morning, Boys (1937)

Good Time Girl (1948)Fuller Review

Goodbye Mr Chips (1939)

Goodnight Vienna (1932)Fuller Review

The Goose Steps Out (1942)Fuller Review

The Gorbals Story (1949)

Grand National Night (1953)

Granton Trawler (1934)

The Great Barrier (1937)

Great Day (1945)Fuller Review

The Great Defender (1934)

Great Expectations (1946)

The Great Game (1930)

The Great Game (1952)Fuller Review

The Great Mr Handel (1942 )Fuller Review

The Great White Silence (1924)Fuller Review

Green for Danger (1946)Fuller Review

Green Grow the Rushes (1951)

The Green Man (1956)

Grip of the Strangler (1958)

The Guinea Pig (1948)

A Gunman Has Escaped (1948)

The Guns of Loos (1928)

The Gypsy and the Gentleman (1958)

Fuller Review- indicates fuller than normal review