Can you help

Can you identify this film?

Women London Bozers


The caption reads:

Filming Women London Boxers 19. 11. 31.

The Gaumont film studios are crowded out with women boxers who are taking part in a film entitled "London's women boxers". The girl boxers have been trained by Professor Andrew Newton, who is taking charge of the ring craft during the film. These girls have recently formed a Boxing Club in London and the Champion is Miss Annie Newton. the Club is rapidly growing owing to the great enthusiasm shown by the London sports girl.

O.P.S. A scene during the filming of "London Women Boxers".


I can't find any reference to this film. I don't even know if it's fiction or documentary. If you've got any suggestions then please send an email to us.

Thanks to Alex Day for the following information:

"Professor" Andrew Newton was 1888 and 1890 British ABA (amateur boxing) lightweight champion and went on to become one of Britain's leading trainers and managers of the early twentieth century. Miss Annie Newton, was Professor Newton's niece, a lady boxer who often fought exhibition bouts on the same bill as many of the professional fighters managed by Andrew Newton. In 1924 a match was made between Annie Newton and a Miss Madge Baker for the ladies world championship. The story was all over the press of the time and caused quite a stir as it was utterly unique. The fight was stopped by the Home Office about a week before it was due to take place.