Can you help

Which WWI film is this?


I've been asked by a film fan if we can identify the film from which these stills were taken:





Other than it's set in the Great War and that it seems to be from the early 30s, we're baffled. 

And we've had a breakthrough thanks to Maralyn Webb who spotted this page in Rachael Low's Filmmaking in 1930's Britain.

Filmmaking in 1930s Britain

The picture at the bottom of the page is from Suspense which looks like a match with the third picture (featuring Hay Petrie). Suspense dates from 1930 and was a thriller set in WWI starring Cyril McLaglen.

It does leave us with another problem since the other picture on the page is from Journey's End. Does it match picture 4?

If you have any idea of the film or the actors then please send an email to us.

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