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This is a section that will ask for your help to enhance our knowledge of cinema history. Usually, we'll be taking a well-known actor or film and trying to fill in a few gaps in their histories, or trying to identify a still.

Who are these set visitors?

Saraband for Dead Lovers set visit

Naturally, that's Joan Greenwood in costume for Saraband for Dead Lovers, but who are the men paying homage? Here's a closer look:

Number 1

Saraband for Dead Lovers visitor

Number 2

Saraband for Dead Lovers visitor

Number 3

Saraband for Dead Lovers visitor


We've got an identification for two of the men. Number one is sculptor Barney Seale and number three is painter Augustus John. Heaven knows what they were doing on set.

If you have any idea of who number two is, please send an email to us.



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