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Cor, Blimey!

Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle and Dick is brought to the screen and it works.

Most of the original actors from the RNT's production come along for the ride. Only Gina Bellman is missing, but then her part has been reduced and shared between two characters so you can hardly blame her.

The plot now concentrates squarely on the romance between Sid James and Barbara Windsor. This even goes as far as to let us see them "at it". This difficult scene was both stylishly artificial and touchingly true.

The opening out of the story also let us see impersonations of other Carry On actors. These mostly worked well though, as with the original cast, it was best not to look too closely.

Terry Johnson directed his play with imagination and care. The care was also evident in the period recreation though there was the odd howling anachronism.

Lots of laughs, and a few tears - perfect Bank Holiday entertainment for grown-ups; and if Samantha Spiro doesn't get a BAFTA for her Babs then there's no justice.